Board of Directors

The 13-member board of the Cortland County Business Development Corporation comprises professionals from a variety of industries and professions. Each brings a unique perspective to the board in the BDC’s work to move the Cortland community forward.

* IDA Board members – Appointed by County Legislature yearly

2020 Committees:

  • Audit: (formed in 2004) John Reagan (Chair), Matt McSherry, Paul Dries and Clint Brooks
  • Finance Committee: (formed in 2005) John Reagan (Chair), Lori Law, Johanna Ames and Jason Hage
  • Governance: (formed in 2005) Steve Servies (Chair), Vacant, Dan Mones and Orinthia Montague
  • Personnel: (formed in 2008) Stephen Compagni (Chair); Steve Servies, Lori Law and Orinthia Montague
  • Revolving Loan: (formed 2006) Matt McSherry (Chair), Johanna Ames, Jason Hage, Dan Mones and Mike McMahon

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